Here’s a selection of Blender add-ons that have been developed by 3D Operators. Some of them can be purchased on Contact 3D Operators if you’re interested in a customized Blender add-on.

Iterative Closest Point Alignment Tool

The iterative closest point (ICP) registration algorithm is an automatic method for object alignment in Blender. The user can set various option in the side bar, such as whether to use scaling, percentage of outlier points, and downsampling percentage. The user can also select a region of interest to focus the registration on.

Anatomical Measurements GUI

A simple interface aids the user in fast landmark annotation on an anatomical 3D model. Based on the landmarks, the model is split in different regions. Measurements, such as distances, ratios and angles, are automatically calculated.

Distance Map Add-on

This Blender add-on makes it easy to analyze the distance from one object to another. The color maps and corresponding text maps gives the user insight in the 3D space between two objects.

Procrustes Alignment Tool

Procrustes alignment is a semi-automatic method for object registration. The user indicates a corresponding set of landmarks on two objects. The algorithm calculates the best translation, rotation (and scaling, if necessary) to align the objects. The Procrustes Alignment Tool is incorporated in the Iterative Closest Point (ICP) Add-on.

Smooth Boundary Add-on

With this Blender add-on, the user can smooth the boundary of either a selection, or a mesh boundary. The number of subdivisions and smoothing factor can be set by the user.