Looking for a customized Blender add-on? Missing functionalities that could be implemented by a Python script? Looking to automate a repeated task on objects or meshes?

Contact 3D Operators on info@3d-operators.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your workflow?
You have an idea for an add-on in Blender, but don’t want to do the Python scripting yourself. After contacting me, we discuss the idea by email or a video call. We put together a list of requirements that must be met by the add-on. Then, I explore the idea and send you a quotation. After we come to an agreement, I start scripting. After a few feedback rounds, I send you the final product. In short, 3D Operators implements your ideas as a customized Blender add-on.

What kind of projects do you do?
To get an idea of what kind of projects I’ve been involved in, take a look at the Add-ons page, or go over to https://blendermarket.com/creators/3d-operators. During our first conversation, we will discuss if my expertise fits your needs.

What if the add-on has bugs?
If you encounter any bugs, I will fix them without extra charge.

What if I want to add functionalities after we come to an agreement?
In that case, I make a new quotation for the additional functionalities and we revisit the agreement.

What does a customized Blender add-on cost?
Hard to say, as it depends on the complexity of the add-on. A very simple add-on, such as a user interface for placing landmarks and measuring distances or angles between them, should cost around 200 USD. A very complex add-on with multiple components and functionalities can cost over 2000 USD (VAT included).

How should I transfer the costs?
Payments should be transferred via Paypal. One-third should be paid upfront, while two-thirds are paid after the final product has been delivered.

How is your software liability regulated?
3D Operators in no way liable for Blender crashes, loss of digital files, or physical damage. This will also be part of the agreement.

Can I sell the add-on after I received the final product?
The add-ons are released under GNU GPL license, which means you can modify and (re)distribute the final product. And charge people a fee for it. In fact, anyone who obtains a copy of the add-on can do this.

How can I contact you?
Send me an email on info@3d-operators.com or send me a message via the Contact form.